Live by the leaf

We don’t look behind us to see how far we’ve come – we look ahead to see how far we can go. Welcome to Canada’s Electric Highway™.

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We Live by the Leaf by looking ahead and trying new things.

We know Canadians’ fuelling needs are evolving. So we are building a network of EV fast charge stations across Canada. Because none of us knows exactly what the future holds. But we know we’ll get there together.

We don’t just wear the leaf.
We live by it.

As Petro-Canada associates, not only are we experts in our fields, we’re also members of our customers’ communities. We believe in embodying the core values of Petro-Canada: safety, customer experience, inclusion, and community involvement.

We keep Canadians at the heart of everything we do.

We know what it takes to keep you moving, no matter where you are.

What does it mean to #LiveByTheLeaf?

What matters most to you, is what matters most to us. These are the stories that bring us together.

#LiveByTheLeaf is using my passion for cutting hair to raise money for a coworkers Children’s education fund after she suddenly passed away due to breast cancer. [comment edited]

My passion is making my community more accepting of others with disabilities. I volunteer in my child's school and help my son's classmates learn to see him as I do - a loving kid who just wants to be accepted even though he is different. <3 #LiveByTheLeaf

#LiveByTheLeaf is emigrating to Canada as a young person with no friends or community. My neighbours from many backgrounds welcomed us with open arms. Meegwetch!

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For us, living by the leaf means supporting those who wear it.

We’re helping Canadian athletes and coaches when they need it most.

Follow the journey of an athlete and their coach and learn how our FACE™ program is providing support.